We are continually adding information about presenters and presentations coming to the Conference in February. Check back regularly for the most updated information!

PTSD: Healing Trauma With Resilience and Creativity      Amy Oestricher, Artist, Author

Finding Gratitude in the Face of Cancer                 Gail Newel, MD

Physical Adversity and the Triumph of Resilience (90 mins)                                                                                             Barry Panter, MD, PhD and   John Bayless, Composer

Resiliency and the Arts: Tools for Surviving Life’s Darkest Moments                                                                                                       Rosemary Daniell, Author

PANEL DISCUSSION: Recognizing Resilience in Clinical Practice

Tamar Unveiled: A Journey out of Darkness          Mary Barbee, PhD

Josephine Baker: Resilience Personified                  Bob Dick, MA

Georgia O’Keeffe: When genius meets melancholy. Antagonistic pleiotropy and geographic cures                                Amy Wallace, MD, MPH

Resilience Is In Your Own Hands!                          Tami Briggs, CHT and Barb Schommer, RN

Loving Yourself: The Mastery of Being Your Person     Sherrie Campbell, PhD

Resilience & PTSD: Emily Dickenson’s Recovery from Psychogenic Blindness                                                                             Mike Sperber, MD

The Cinema, Therapy, Relationships, and the Transformation of Consciousness                                                                   Charlyne Gelt, PhD

Teacher Confidential: 7 Personal Stories on Educator Resilience and Self-Care                                                                                 Val Hill-Jackson, EdD

Development of Feminine Leadership Identity     Marilyn Ruman, PhD

The Voice of A Woman in a Man’s World               Carol Fleming, PhD

Five Outstanding Women of Science and the Scientific Glass Ceiling                                                                                                                             Stephen Baird, MD

Virginia Walker Couse: an Artist’s Lifetime of Adaptation and Resilience                                                                           Carol Baird, MA