Words cannot express how meaningful the Winter Conference was to me last week! It will take weeks, I am sure, for me to process everything I learned during the educational sessions. I left the conference feeling “filled up”! Thank you so much to everyone who had anything to do to make the conference a success, and I hope to see you all again next year! – Melissa Stanford Oden • February 21, 2016

Thank you to Jaqueline, Barry and Denise for the scholarship to the magnificent Women of Resilience Conference. The conference (and company) were so empowering…in the ever enchanting Santa Fe. Snow on the ground, pinon in the air, magic and healing everywhere. – Julie Daniels • February 20, 2016

I still can feel the reverberations in my soul!!  There are no words to express my thanks to you, Jacqueline, for creating and presenting such a profound conference.  I was so full of emotion from the moment you stepped up to the podium, until it was over on Sunday afternoon when I had the time with myself to just let those tears flow and integrate all that had transpired.  My heart is overflowing with warmth and gratitude.  To observe your reliable team at work and the support of your husband, and to be a part of your seedling that flowered into such a beautiful dream helped me.