Women of Resilience

 The American Institute of Medical Education

is proud to present the fourth

Women of Resilience Conference

Chaired by Jacqueline Berz Panter, MA, MS

Santa Fe, NM  

Feb. 15-18, 2018

  At The Drury Plaza Hotel
We have a special rate of $139 + tax. This includes breakfast and early evening hors d’oeuvres and drinks
For this discounted rate please call us directly.

800 348 8441

Join us for 3  1/2 days of education and experience in beautiful Santa Fe! With up to 18 hours of continuing education credits available to those in the healthcare professions. Ideal  for therapists, nurses, counselors, social workers and more!

Our Program will include the following:

Finding Gratitude in the Face of Cancer Gail Newell, MD
Georgia O’Keeffe: When genius meets melancholy. Antagonistic Pleiotrophy and Geographic Cures  
Amy Wallace, MD, MPH

John Bayless: Physical Adversity and the Triumph of Resilience 
Presentation with Piano     John Bayless & Barry Panter, MD, PhD
Loving Yourself: The Mastery of Being Your Person
         Sherrie Campbell, PhD
PTSD: Healing Trauma with Resilience and  Creativity Amy Oestricher, Artist, Author, TED presenter
Tamar Unveiled: A Journey Out of Darkness  Mary Barbee, PhD
Resilience & PTSD: Emily Dickinson’s Recovery From
Blindness  Mike Sperber MD
Resilience is in your own Hands!  
Tami Briggs,CHT, Barb Schommer, RN
The Voice of a Woman in a Man’s World  Carol Fleming, PhD

Five Outstanding Women of Science and The Scientific Glass Ceiling Stephen Baird, MD
Virginia Walker Couse: An Artist’s Lifetime of Adaptation &
Carol Baird, MS, MA
Development of Feminine Leadership Identity Marilyn Ruman, PhD
Teacher Confidential: 7 Personal Stories on Educator Resilience and Self-Care                   Val Hill-Jackson, PhD, Fulbright Scholar
Josephine Baker: Resilience Personified  Bob Dick, MA, Sculptor
The Cinema, Therapy, Relationships and the Transformation of Consciousness 
Charlyne Gelt, PhD
Resiliency and the Arts: Tools for Surviving Life’s Darkest Moments Rosemary Daniell, Author

Zona Rosa – A Writing Workshop (optional) Rosemary Daniell


Words cannot express how meaningful the Winter Conference was to me last week! It will take weeks, I am sure, for me to process everything I learned during the educational sessions. I left the conference feeling “filled up”! Thank you so much to everyone who had anything to do to make the conference a success, and I hope to see you all again next year! – Melissa Stanford Oden • February 21, 2016

The conference and company were so empowering…in the ever enchanting Santa Fe. Snow on the ground, pinon in the air, magic and healing everywhere. – Julie Daniels • February 20, 2016

I still can feel the reverberations in my soul!!  There are no words to express my thanks to you, Jacqueline, for creating and presenting such a profound conference.  I was so full of emotion from the moment you stepped up to the podium, until it was over on Sunday afternoon when I had the time with myself to just let those tears flow and integrate all that had transpired.  My heart is overflowing with warmth and gratitude.  To observe your reliable team at work and the support of your husband, and to be a part of your seedling that flowered into such a beautiful dream helped me

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All or part of your expenses to maintain or improve your professional skills may be tax deductible  Please consult your tax adviser for more information.

        Top Reasons to attend Women of Resilience:

  • Inspirational presentations 
  • Rest, refresh and rejuvenate
  • Connect with like-minded women
  • Culinary delights of the city
  • Experience the rich culture of Santa Fe:  Museums, Fine Art Galleries and Excellent Shopping!

We invite professional women from outside the healthcare industry to join us for our third conference. You will experience all of the above while feeding your soul!

Contact us for Additional Information  at (800) 348-8441 or  Email us at  INFO@WOMENOFRESILIENCE.COM


We proudly offer the Ronald M. Berz Scholarship, which consists of accommodations for 5 nights , admission to the conference and $500. For further information and application, please click here: Scholarship

Everyone is welcome to attend this exciting conference.
MDs, PhDs, Social Workers, RNs, Counselors, MFT’s and others receive continuing education hours. 

Registration is now OPEN for Feb. 15-18, 2018 conference in Santa Fe, NM!
Registration fee is $495 until 11/01/2017. $545 thereafter
We offer a per diem rate of $150. This is contingent upon seating availability.
Please call 800 348 8441

For those needing documentation of continuing education, there is a $30 fee

To add the CE Document fee for Continuing Education
Go to the Registration Page and Scroll down until you see
“CE Documentation Fee” – Buy


Chair of the Conference: Jacqueline Berz Panter, MA, MS
Co-Directors: Jacqueline Berz Panter, MA, MS & Barry M. Panter, MD, PhD
Operations and Conference Manager: Denise Forlizzi, BS
Registration Co-ordinator: Annuu Gustafsson
Artistic Consultant: Jillian Giorgio

by Jillian Giorgio

…on the impact.
…on the smiles on the attendees faces when they hear a story about a strong woman.
…0n their new outlook when they hear a story that makes them break  down and cry.
…on the participation in the group discussions where people bring up topics you never thought of yourself
…on a room full of women and men – each resilient in her or his own right.
…on Women who inspire
…on women who make a difference
…on the amazing feedback after each conference.

Focus on the difference that This conference is making in the lives of so many men and women. In my eyes, and the eyes of the people who have experienced the conference, the conference is spectacular!

(Jillian has attended all of the Santa Fe Women of Resilience Conferences)


Women of Resilience
c/o The American Institute of Medical Education
1000 Cordova Place #8
Santa Fe, NM 87505

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